As you may already know, you have several materials to select from when it comes to installing your backsplash area. Wood is a timeless material that provides a flexible option for attractive designs. Depending on the tone that you’re trying to set for your living or cooking area, you can opt for a wood backsplash or improve the look through staining or painting.

If you’re more interested in setting a traditional tone in your home, then you can decide to use exotic wood for the backsplash. You can also select from the different kinds of finishing treatment to give the area its best look as it won’t be continuously exposed to food items.

Knowing Your Backsplash

If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t consider the entire wall behind the kitchen countertop to be part of your backsplash. You need to consider all the areas that form the barrier between the drywall and the entire cooking or washing area. This area is usually easy-to-clean, and the color of the material used is meant to blend with the decor of the space and even the appliances there. The oil, grease, and water particles that find their way to the backsplash should not leave permanent stains there.

Advantages of Wood Backsplash

The wood backsplash is excellent as they allow for easy cleaning without damaging the material. Besides, they can accommodate several types of finishes like staining, painting, or priming to improve its look and blend with the decor of the interior space. You can also use laminate wood for surfaces as they don’t require much expertise to install and can be maintained easily. Their durable finishes are great for protecting walls and ceilings from wear.

You can give your kitchen a more antique look by adding a wood backsplash to complement the walls, cabinets, and appliances. In the case of stains penetrating the wooden finish, you can conveniently eliminate the discoloration with a hand sander.


The main disadvantage of wood backsplash remains the flammable nature of the material. This is especially important when considering installing them in your cooking area. To prevent a case of combustion, you should ensure that the structure is installed at a reasonable distance from the stove or burners. Using a good sealant for the finishing can also reduce the risk of the wood getting damaged.

Areas Of Application

While you can carry out the installation of wooden backsplash by yourself, it’s in your best interest to allow a professional carpenter to get the job done. Not only will it save your money otherwise spent getting the necessary tools and materials for the job, but you’ll also be conserving time and effort.

If you’re looking to improve your bedboard or get a new one, you can decide to opt for a more traditional wooden bedboard. They’re quite affordable and simple to install as well. Your flooring is another area of your home that can be improved by installing exotic or laminate wood with best-suited finishes for easy cleaning.