Your garage has the potential to be the place you love spending time in or the place you dread spending time in. We put some of the most valuable items in our garages (cars notwithstanding), and it should get the same love as the rest of the house, yet homeowners are likely to skimp when it comes to improving their garage. Storage optimization and organization are essential for making your garage a functional and attractive space, and custom garage cabinets are the way to get there.

Make Better Use of Your Space

Most garage space is already at a premium, and if you’re stuck using store-bought wire racks, you’re sacrificing valuable room. Each garage is different in terms of what you’re ideally using it for, and only custom cabinets can make use of every square foot. It may seem like a splurge in the beginning, but it will be well worth it over the life of your home. Custom cabinets can be personalized to your unique needs, whether you plan to use the space to work on your car, as a woodworking shop, or as a crafting space.

Safer for Your Family and Your Property

Family garages tend to be catch-alls for clutter, but they also house expensive tools, outdoor gear, not to mention your cars. With family members going in and out, you want to ensure your possessions — especially expensive and potentially dangerous tools are stored safely. By having custom cabinets, everything will have its place and be less likely to fall over, rust, or collect dust. Wall-mounted custom shelving brings items off the floor where they’re less likely to be damaged or cause injury.

Versatility, Strength, and Durability

Custom cabinets can last the lifetime of your home, and though the upfront cost may be more than store-bought solutions, in the end, you will reap the benefits whether you stay in your home for the next thirty years or sell in five. Because they’re made by professionals whose only job is cabinetry, you know you’re getting the best product for your dollar. Custom cabinets will be able to hold heavier loads and wall mounts keep the space looking clean by freeing up floor space.

Improves Resale Value

Buyers are always interested in storage space and a custom garage cabinetry system can be what seals the deal with a potential buyer. Showing a clean, orderly garage improves your home’s overall look and allows potential buyers to envision the possibilities. It’s also an indication that you value quality craftsmanship and that will bleed over into how they view the rest of the house.

Find Things Easier

If you’ve ever been without power clumsily rummaging through your garage with only your phone’s flashlight, you’ll appreciate knowing where you can find things every time. Having a well organized garage also allows you to keep an orderly and productive workspace where you’re not wasting time looking for the right tool, or spending time reorganizing after every project.

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