Every month, our experts Eastern Atlantic Carpentry answer questions from curious customers about the contribution of custom modern wood furniture to their living rooms, dining halls, and bars. We serve many residential clients and commercial establishments looking to incorporate wood furniture, like teak chairs, natural wood tables, and hardwood bed frames, into their living spaces. They’re hungry for excellent craftsmanship and new design ideas, which we happily provide.

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is Emerald Isle’s trusted custom furniture carpenter. We are the number one source of high-quality custom furniture tables, handcrafted stairs, and carpentry work in North Carolina.

This article will outline three benefits that custom modern wood furniture could provide for your home or place of business. We will also detail how you can better the environment for yourself and everyone around you by getting expert-made dining sets and counters instead of buying generic sets that you will replace every five-or-so years.

You Get Unlimited Customization Options

Custom wood furniture could be some of the best pieces of design you will ever own, thanks to the broad range of customization options carpenters offer.

Elevate your comfort levels by installing memory foam, latex, and leather finishings on your brand-new dining or lounge chair. Create an eye-catching aesthetic with natural mahogany, teak, and maple wood frames with engravings.

Our woodworkers and carpenters at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry use state-of-the-art equipment to create quality products that suit your design ambitions. We can design your orders to blend in with preexisting floor patterns and paint jobs or serve as their focal point by adding unique visual elements.

You Avoid Long Wait Times

Ordering wood furniture online is easy, fast, and fun, but it creates a massive strain on production lines both here and abroad, even with factory automation. Off-the-rack wood furniture is one of the fastest-growing trends in the design and fast fashion industries, thanks to the rise of Airbnbs and the real estate boom. Whether shopping for a Scandinavian-style living room table or a teak dresser, you will periodically encounter long queues and wait times.

At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, we make custom wood furniture locally, providing jobs for our fellow North Carolina residents. We can finish your orders fast, no matter their complexity. We are proud to have a 100% adherence rate to project deadlines.

You Can be as Sustainable as You Want to be

We serve many clients who don’t want the guilt of destroying woodlands to get a brand-new coffee table. The demand for sustainable wood furniture is growing steadily. When you buy ethically-sourced cabinets and counters, you can rest assured that you are not merely helping your environment thrive but are improving your health as well.

Many pieces of custom-made furniture feature a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) tag, which means carpenters manufacture them from wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.

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