Outdoor wood furniture gives you an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing option for seating in your yard or on your deck. You may wonder about the best wood for outdoor furniture if you’re thinking about updating your outdoor living space.

Our team at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry can help you review your wood furniture options and avoid common mistakes, like purchasing fake wood instead of real wood. Keep reading to explore the advantages of different types of wood.


Many people consider teak to be the best wood for outdoor furniture. Teak’s density makes it a good choice for an outdoor project. The wood also contains a natural oil that helps it resist:

  • Decay
  • Insects
  • Damage from moisture

Teak offers you a lot of durability. Expect the wood to age into a silvery color over time.

White Oak

Many property owners consider white oak for outdoor furniture. White oak’s low number of pores makes it a solid contender when it comes to purchasing furniture meant to handle the weather. Fewer pores mean this wood absorbs less moisture.

White oak absorbs oil well and often lasts for many years, even in harsh conditions.


Are you interested in wood furniture with an attractive grain pattern and smooth texture? If so, eucalyptus might be the right choice for you. Crafters choose responsibly-grown eucalyptus to construct furniture.

Eucalyptus contains natural oils that help block moisture and limit the effects of rot and decay. Note that, in some cases, you cannot scrub, sand, or hose down eucalyptus furniture. Keep this in mind if you decide to purchase outdoor chairs, tables, or stools made from eucalyptus.


Some woods are denser than others. Ipe serves as an example of a very dense wood that resists water so well that it barely floats. You may also hear professionals use the term Brazilian ironwood when they speak about Ipe.

Ipe matches the durability of teak in many cases but costs less money. The wood lasts a long time, even untreated, making it a good choice for outdoor furniture.


Shorea also provides you with a very dense option for outdoor furniture. Shorea grows naturally in the Pacific Rim area and generally comes close to teak in terms of durability while coming with a lower price tag.

You may notice end-grain cracks if you purchase Shorea wood furniture. However, these cracks should not impact the strength of your furniture over the years.


Fir remains a common choice for outdoor furniture. Often, the brightly painted Adirondack chairs you see for sale feature this fast-growing, yellow wood. Sometimes, manufacturers make these chairs of pressed wood or even plastic, but real wood furniture made of fir offers you strong and light furniture that promises to last a long time.

Review Your Best Options for Outdoor Furniture

Here at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, our team can help you select the best wood for outdoor furniture. We provide real wood furniture that fits perfectly in your backyard or on your porch. Learn about wood furniture in Emerald Isle by calling us at (252) 262-6600.