Known for their natural beauty, warmth, and variety, wood countertops are a wonderful choice for any home’s style. But much like anything else, this type of countertop has its pros as well as drawbacks you may encounter after installation. Before you consider whether wood countertops are right for your home, take into consideration the pros and cons before you make a final decision. 

The Pros of Natural Wood

As stated above, wood countertops are stunning; they match any home’s style and bring warmth and comfort to one of the most popular rooms in your home—your kitchen. When you’re choosing which type of wood is right for your home, the possibilities may seem endless. They come in a variety of options, including hardwood, maple, pine, red and white oak, cherry, and many more. 

These recyclable countertops are an eco-friendly option for your kitchen as they are increasingly made from salvaged wood and repurposed into a green option. Wood countertops are sustainable and durable, which is perfect for food preparation. Lastly, this is a budget-friendly countertop choice and is available for a wide range of prices. 

Though sealing your wood countertops may seem like a challenge, it’s important to know they can be sealed easily by using walnut or mineral oil. To keep your countertops sealed, every month, apply a layer of oil and rub it in with a cloth. The oil will collect any water on the surface, preventing damage caused by water seeping into your porous wood. 

Cons of Wood Countertops

Depending on the time you have to put into proper care for your countertops, wood may not always be the most fitting option. To extend their longevity, they need routine care such as regular coating. You need to seal your wood countertops immediately after installation and continue to do it monthly afterward using walnut oil or mineral oil that’s food safe. 

Wood is a porous material that easily attracts stains that will rapidly grow. To prevent stains, you may need to remove them regularly by refinishing your wood countertops every 10 to 20 years. Refinishing means sanding down the wood and removing the scratches, dents, and stains, in addition to further wear and tear that may occur over time. 

Your wood countertops will have a bad reaction to excess water, which is why it’s recommended by professionals not to install them in bathrooms. Instead, these countertops will be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. If exposed to water, the wood may warp, grow mold, or gather germs that will be harmful to your family. 

Are Wood Countertops Right for You?

When considering whether wood countertops are right for you, only you know the best option for your home.  Wood countertops come with a variety of pros and cons. When considering wood countertops, you may consider the time spent maintaining them regularly and refinishing them when the time comes. However, if taken care of properly, they can be a wonderful addition to your home, adding comfort, warmth, and style that matches your personality. Give Eastern Atlantic Carpentry a call to see how we can help.