This project consisted of a closet & a shelf unit being changed into what I call an “economy bookcase”. We took 3 base cabinets that were pre-made and fit them into the opening. We then created a top & 2 small bookcase ends with a Wayne’s coating back panel. We connected them with a small shelf unit for the VCR & cable TV boxes. The area in the middle was wired for cable and power. We left a Chase way that would go down under the small shelf to connect any other devices. Hiding all those wires in the wall for a better look.

This is what I call getting the “Biggest Bang for Your Buck.” Lot’s of projects are on a tight budget so this gave us the availability of saving time and money by using a pre-made bass cabinet & construct the top portion to fit. The cabinets were then painted by the home owner to save some¬† additional money.