Baby Boat Cradles

This was a personal project for me. I was becoming a grandfather and wanted to do something special that would last a lifetime. My wife and I found these plans online and purchase them.

You could do the cradle in 2 different configurations. The 1st one had rockers where would sit on the floor and the 2nd 1 was on davitts.

I built two separate cradles one for each of my girls when they were having their 1st child. Both were the style that sat on the floor and rocked.

We did every piece of the cradle including the interior, paint & finish & the rigging.

The 3rd cradle, the one on davitts was made for a friend of the family. It gave me a chance to get a little more creative.

They all came out extremely well and we’re definitely a labor of love. My intention was they would be able to be passed down from generation to generation.  So that we will definitely have to wait and see.