Bathroom Tile

This tile job was all new construction so we had a clean square and plumb slate to work with.

We first install all the “Durarock” on the floor and walls where the tile would be applied.  It is installed on the floor with thin set & screws every 6″ on center. On the walls we use construction adhesive on all the studs and cross bracing and screw it to studs.

I’m not a real fan of using the old school concrete pans and tile as a floor pan in showers. It seems over time that they leak regardless of how well you use a rubber membrane. I like to use a product from national marble products that is made out of synthetic resin. it’s very durable and has a nice flange in the back to prevent leakage.

We did to custom benches with some cultured marble seats in the shower stall along with a in the wall soap dispenser.

The shower stall had to shower heads with separate the handles for multiple users.

We did a little custom wains coating detail between the tub and floor. The toilet paper holder was made from a picture that the home owner provided.

All in all this was a terrific tile job to work on like the big tiles for the floor and walls makes it easy to clean.