Deck Project

This was one of our many custom decks. After removing the old deck the homeowners wanted to expand it & double its size. If you look closely in the 1st picture we had to repair some siding before we could get started.

We completely remove the old deck including the footings & some old sidewalk. We poured new footings and constructed a 2 new girders to support the deck.

This deck was constructed out of all #2 treated lumber. The deck top was  Premium 5/4 decking. It was screwed with a treated decks grew as well as the lattice & skirting underneath.

The home owner wanted some type of way to get some privacy so we came up this lattice wall that she can grow some Jasmine on and get some privacy.

The  home owners were also concerned with the steep grade of the steps so we added one tread into the system and made them a little wider for their comfort to climb.