A porch is a wonderful asset to your home, letting you enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. But when it comes to maintenance, many homeowners don’t know how to clean a wood porch. Decluttering your porch is a good first step, but how do you make the wood shine?

Our team of porch repair experts in Carteret County, NC came up with these ideas.

How to Clean Your Wood Porch and Improve its Lifespan

Set up a Regular Maintenance Schedule

A simple maintenance routine will help you clean your porch and identify any potential issues as early as possible. The schedule could look something like this:

  • Sweep the porch weekly, or as necessary
  • Dust the fixtures, window frames, and any other areas where dust might accumulate
  • Regularly check for cobwebs and remove them
  • Wipe down the walls at the start of each new season

Mop Up

How often you mop the porch depends on how much foot traffic it gets. In many cases, cleaning once a month is sufficient.

Start by adding a general detergent or deck cleaning solution to hot water. Next, scrub this all over the surface using a deck brush. Be sure to get the brush into the grooves where mold and other organisms hide.

Apply oxygen bleach diluted to a third of its strength if you find mildew. Rinse off the mixture of deck cleaner and bleach with warm water.

Don’t Forget the Window Screens

If possible, remove the screens about once every month or two to wash them. If they’re not removable, vacuum them and wipe them down with an appropriate cleaner.

Is Pressure Washing a Good Idea?

Using a pressure washer here may be tempting, but it may not be the best idea for an inexperienced user. If the pressure is too high, the water can damage the wood, leading to expensive repairs. Instead, just use your garden hose to rinse the porch.

Evaluate the Condition of the Wood Sealant

While you clean, look for signs that you need to reseal your porch. For example, if you see the sealant is wearing thin in some areas, lifting, chipping, or flaking off, it’s time to apply more sealant.

Another test is to see what happens with the water you apply. If it beads up, your deck is still in good condition. If it soaks into the surface, it’s time to reapply sealant.

If you already see signs of rot setting in, you may need to rebuild part or all of the porch. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry can help you with this.

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