Dreaming of new decking in Emerald Isle? If so, then choosing the best decking material should be one of your first steps. The material you choose can impact the costs of your project and the other materials necessary to complete the job.

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Consider Your Budget

Many property owners focus on their budget when selecting the best decking material for their projects. Companies typically charge by the linear foot for decking material, though some places charge by the square foot. Each kind of material comes with a different cost.

Pressure-treated wood usually represents the least expensive option, at around $1 per linear foot. Other options include:

  • Composite decking from $2-5 dollars per linear foot
  • Specialty wood decking from $3.50 per linear foot
  • Aluminum decking from around $9 per linear foot

You may also consider vinyl decking. However, PVC decking often gets uncomfortably hot in our area.

Review Your Unique Needs

You can consider your needs before you commit to any decking material. For example, perhaps you want a material that requires little upkeep over the years. In this situation, composite decking may represent your best option.

Aluminum decking also requires minimal amounts of upkeep and holds up well in damp environments, as it cannot rust. It also tends to stay cool in the heat of summer. However, it is very expensive.

For that reason, wooden decking has grown in popularity. Pressure-treated lumber can resist the elements and moisture with smaller up-front costs than aluminum. However, you should know that wooden decks often require more upkeep, especially over the long term.

Focus on Your Taste

A deck represents a lasting addition to your home. While recycled plastic or pressure-treated lumber are cheaper options, they may not match your aesthetic sensibilities. Many property owners prefer the natural beauty of specialty woods such as:

  • Tropical hardwood
  • Redwood
  • Cedar

Specialty woods often cost more than composite options but less than metal decking. They provide a natural sense of peace and tranquility, and many come in rich and lovely colors. Some woods, like cedar, also resist moisture and withstand inclement weather very well.

However, wood does wear out over time. You may need to regularly apply sealers to keep wooden decking from splintering or cracking. Natural wood also changes color over time, especially when exposed to the elements.

You can maintain the original color of your wooden deck by applying protectants or re-staining the wood as time passes. Either option can help you get a deck that matches your tastes.

Learn More About Your Deck Options

Our team at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry can help you identify the best decking material for your project, regardless of how big or small. Allow us to go over the pros and cons of different decking material options, including wooden deck ideas for coastal backyards. You can easily contact us for help by calling (252) 262-6600.