Can You Put a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?

Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck without burning down the house? Won’t the combustible materials that make up your deck and the sparks from a wood-burning fire pit create a bad situation? Read on to see what the leading outdoor deck carpenter in Emerald Isle, NC has to say about fire pit safety and proper planning.

Check City Codes

Before shopping for your new fire pit, our experts advise checking the city or town’s fire codes. Some areas implement strict safety laws dictating fire pits and their locations. Make certain you know the local laws that apply to your property before decorating this outdoor space.

Some areas allow gas pits in certain conditions or accept a wood fire pit if safety requirements are in place. These laws are particularly important in drier climates or areas prone to wildfires. It is also a great idea to check your housing ordinances for local fire safety laws—HOAs often require stricter codes on outdoor activity as per the HOA restrictions.

Protect Your Deck

Do the local laws put you in the clear for a fire pit on the deck? Legal requirements may not be enough to answer the burning question, “Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck safely?” If you love spending time on your deck, risking repairs or replacements may not seem worth it.

Repairing or replacing a deck can cost more than expected. A runaway fire will also threaten your house and family should this scenario arise. Luckily, there are several fire safety measures you can implement to ensure your home remains intact.

Stone Pavers

Solid stone pavers could mitigate damage by preventing too much heat from radiating through your wooden deck. Most pavers extend beyond the size of the pit, effectively eliminating the risk of sparks or ash landing on the wooden surface.

Width and Height Clearance

Protect the railing, awning, or other flammable materials by ensuring any fire pit is a safe distance away. Each pit will require a specific amount of space depending on its

size, heat capabilities, and other factors. Be sure to read the manual before purchasing a pit to measure whether the deck has enough room to incorporate it safely.

Other Safety Accessories

Did you know that safety accessories could remove any potential danger to your property? The following might be worth a try:

  • · Flame or wind guards
  • · Fire extinguishers
  • · Spark guard screens

These accessories in close range should promote a safer, more relaxed environment for you to enjoy.

Consider the Deck Material

Certain materials may work better for fire pits on decks. For example, professionals consider recycled materials in composite decks as combustible as wooden decks. Concrete decks do far better with a fire pit, whereas vinyl will melt, crack, or break under extreme heat.

With the correct safety requirements and proper information, you can safely use a pit on your deck. Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck without risking your property? Call Eastern Atlantic Carpentry at (252) 262-6600 to find out more in Emerald Isle, NC.

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How to Take Care Of Outdoor Furniture: Five Best Practices

Why learn how to take care of outdoor furniture? You spent hours agonizing over the perfect style, color choice, and materials. You take pride in your home and love inviting visitors to take a comfortable seat. Taking care of your outdoor furniture extends its useful lifespan and maximizes your investment.

Learn how to take care of your outdoor fabrics and wooden furniture from Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, your quality custom furniture carpenter in Emerald Isle. To get you started, here are five best practices for caring for your outdoor furniture.

1. Pre-Treat Your Furniture

This is our top tip. Pre-treating any furniture that goes into your outdoor space will extend its lifespan.

You can easily pre-treat wood, stone, and rattan to preserve the original surface. You can also find protectants for plastic and metal furniture and fabrics you’ll use outside.

The proper varnish is particularly important with porous materials. It seals the surface, waterproofing it, protecting it from staining, and preventing it from drying out. It also has built-in UV protectant that prevents fading.

It’s also wise to check how often you should reapply for the treatment over the next few years for optimal results.

2. Clean Off the Debris

Remove the dust and debris regularly before it becomes ingrained in the furniture. Wipe away dust using a soft paintbrush or duster at least once a week. You can also use the soft-bristled brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt and dust from the nooks.

3. Wash with Natural Soap

You may need to spot-clean now and again with tepid, soapy water. Use only natural soap or a detergent without chemicals as the substances may react with the finish on the furniture or fabrics and cause damage.

4. Manage the Moisture

Knowing how to deal with moisture is another crucial step in learning how to take care of outdoor furniture. Rain, moisture from washing, and humidity all take a toll on your outdoor furniture. If you don’t air out the furniture and allow it to properly dry after it gets wet, you create the perfect conditions for mildew.

If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, placing the items under some form of cover, like a gazebo or porch, is an excellent idea.

5. Consider Using Covers

Using covers when your furniture is not in use is a great way to combine all these tips. Just be sure that the furniture and surfaces are completely dry when you put them on. When removing the covers, let them air dry before you stow them away.

Are all these steps necessary? Maybe not entirely, but implementing a few of them allows you to enjoy your new purchase for much longer. This becomes especially important when you learn more about the value of modern wood furniture.

Now that you know how to take care of outdoor furniture, why not look at our current range or discuss a custom project you have in mind? Contact Eastern Atlantic Carpentry at (252) 262-6600 or through our website for high-quality carpentry in Emerald Isle, CA, or the surrounding area.

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The Value of Custom Modern Wood Furniture

The Value of Custom Modern Wood Furniture

Every month, our experts Eastern Atlantic Carpentry answer questions from curious customers about the contribution of custom modern wood furniture to their living rooms, dining halls, and bars. We serve many residential clients and commercial establishments looking to incorporate wood furniture, like teak chairs, natural wood tables, and hardwood bed frames, into their living spaces. They’re hungry for excellent craftsmanship and new design ideas, which we happily provide.

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is Emerald Isle’s trusted custom furniture carpenter. We are the number one source of high-quality custom furniture tables, handcrafted stairs, and carpentry work in North Carolina.

This article will outline three benefits that custom modern wood furniture could provide for your home or place of business. We will also detail how you can better the environment for yourself and everyone around you by getting expert-made dining sets and counters instead of buying generic sets that you will replace every five-or-so years.

You Get Unlimited Customization Options

Custom wood furniture could be some of the best pieces of design you will ever own, thanks to the broad range of customization options carpenters offer.

Elevate your comfort levels by installing memory foam, latex, and leather finishings on your brand-new dining or lounge chair. Create an eye-catching aesthetic with natural mahogany, teak, and maple wood frames with engravings.

Our woodworkers and carpenters at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry use state-of-the-art equipment to create quality products that suit your design ambitions. We can design your orders to blend in with preexisting floor patterns and paint jobs or serve as their focal point by adding unique visual elements.

You Avoid Long Wait Times

Ordering wood furniture online is easy, fast, and fun, but it creates a massive strain on production lines both here and abroad, even with factory automation. Off-the-rack wood furniture is one of the fastest-growing trends in the design and fast fashion industries, thanks to the rise of Airbnbs and the real estate boom. Whether shopping for a Scandinavian-style living room table or a teak dresser, you will periodically encounter long queues and wait times.

At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, we make custom wood furniture locally, providing jobs for our fellow North Carolina residents. We can finish your orders fast, no matter their complexity. We are proud to have a 100% adherence rate to project deadlines.

You Can be as Sustainable as You Want to be

We serve many clients who don’t want the guilt of destroying woodlands to get a brand-new coffee table. The demand for sustainable wood furniture is growing steadily. When you buy ethically-sourced cabinets and counters, you can rest assured that you are not merely helping your environment thrive but are improving your health as well.

Many pieces of custom-made furniture feature a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) tag, which means carpenters manufacture them from wood that comes from sustainably managed forests.

Call Us Today for More Information

Contact Eastern Atlantic Carpentry and get the best custom modern wood furniture in North Carolina. If you have questions about choosing wood for outdoor furniture, call (252) 262-6600 for a free consultation.

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Carpentry Services in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is your trusted carpenter in Pine Knoll Shores, NC. Contact us today at (252) 262-6600 to learn more about our services and to receive a free quote.

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is your trusted carpenter in Pine Knoll Shores, NC. We have a team of talented experts who take pride in our furniture carpentry services and customer satisfaction. We complete each job quickly and efficiently without compromising attention to detail.

Some of our top services include:

  • Porches
  • Trim
  • Decks
  • Furniture

When working with Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, you can be sure you are receiving quality work. Visit our reviews page to learn more about our stellar reputation and exceptional customer service.

Deck Repair Services in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Adding a deck to your home can be a great way to create additional space. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry will work with you to design the perfect deck for your house. We make beautiful decks while keeping your vision and budget in mind.

Our skilled carpenters in Pine Knoll Shores, NC, also provide deck repairing services, so you can feel confident knowing we build durable decks while adhering to all building codes and regulations. To learn more about our most recent projects, visit our website.

Let the talented team of carpenters at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry build the deck of your dreams. We have the skills and experience to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams, using the finest materials and technology for high-quality results.

Custom Furniture in Pine Knoll Shores

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry Designing are the experts it comes to crafting furniture. Whether you have a design in mind or looking for inspiration, we create furniture that is unique to you and your space. Some custom furniture pieces we excel at are:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Yard Art
  • Cabinets

We put extensive thought and care into each customized piece of furniture. Whether you are looking for a special gift idea or to add personality to your home, we can build something truly remarkable. Contact us today to learn more about our custom furniture services in Pine Knoll Shores, NC.

Why Hire Eastern Atlantic Carpentry in Pine Knoll Shores, NC?

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is your trusted and locally owned carpenter in Pine Knoll Shores. We provide exemplary customer service and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With our team of expert carpenters and state-of-the-art equipment, you can be sure you are receiving the best services.

Our carpenters provide quality craftsmanship for fair prices. Whether you are looking for customized furniture, a new deck, porches, or trim, we have the knowledge to complete the job. We hold ourselves to high standards and offer professional insight.

With over 20 years of experience, Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is your reliable carpenter in Pine Knoll Shores, NC. We offer friendly, reliable, and professional carpentry services. Contact us today to learn more about the best deck maintenance practices

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is your dependable carpentry specialist in Pine Knoll Shores, NC. Call us today at (252) 262-6600 to receive your free quote.

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Carpentry Services in Cedar Point, NC

Call Eastern Atlantic Carpentry for all of your carpentry necessities!

When you need to build a solid foundation for your business or home, you need a capable and affordable carpentry company. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is here to meet all of your carpentry needs. As the leading carpenter in Cedar Point, NC, we can help you rebuild your porch or deck, furnish your outdoor spaces, or add trim to your property.

Check out our recent work and reviews from previous clients to see what Cedar Point residents say about Eastern Atlantic Carpentry!


Our customers often need outdoor furniture capable of handling different purposes and events. We work with clients to design furniture that is both versatile and long-lasting. Contact us for custom, well-crafted outdoor furniture, such as:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Yard decorations

Speak to us if you need furniture with unique storage capabilities or furniture that can fit in odd angles – we offer an unbeatable customer experience and are happy to accommodate special requests. We pride ourselves on our ability to design quality furniture that enhances your outdoor spaces.


Most people aren’t aware of the need for trim carpentry. Trim carpentry addresses the small details needed to complete a project. For example, trim carpentry makes repairs look more polished and finished.

A general carpenter doesn’t always tie their work in a nice bow when they finish, so often, you need to hire someone to complete the final look. At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, the top carpenter in Eastern North Carolina, we provide both services.

Whether you need help trimming a door or a window, our carpenters can provide detailed and defined finishing touches on any project you are completing.

Porches and Decks

If your porch or deck is damaged from weather damage or normal wear and tear, our carpenters in Cedar Point, NC, will work with you to completely rebuild or refurbish it. We can determine if you need to redo the entire structure or if we can salvage parts of it. In many cases, we can draft plans to repair railings and replace stairs.

If you don’t have a porch or deck already, there’s nothing more exciting than starting from scratch to build one. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry will see your project through from start to finish, with results you’re guaranteed to love.

Porch and deck repair can be expensive, so we like to talk with clients to see if we can affordably evaluate what we can do with our building and construction knowledge. We never want the customer to feel like it’s an overwhelming task to build the home or business of your dreams; our goal is always to meet clients and come to an understanding.

Learn more porch enclosure tips or contact us for custom design suggestions!

Instead of getting out the power tools and trying to DIY, turn to a professional carpenter in Cedar Point, NC, for your next carpentry project. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry offers our expert carpentry services and years of experience to our clients. Contact (252) 262-6600 today. We look forward to building with you!

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Carpentry Services in Morehead City, NC

We cater to all your carpentry needs. Call today to schedule a consultation for your next project.

We build it right. We build it strong. We build it with pride. When you need eastern North Carolina carpentry services, look no further than Eastern Atlantic Carpentry.

As a top-notch carpenter in Morehead City, NC, we create spectacular woodwork while maintaining high standards of professionalism and craftsmanship. We offer only the best to the residents of Eastern North Carolina.

Our services include:

  • Outdoor furniture carpentry
  • Luxury trimmings
  • Porches
  • Decks

Check out our customer reviews about how we’ve helped your Morehead City neighbors with their carpentry projects.

Exquisite Furniture Carpentry in Morehead City

Turn your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat with custom wooden furniture from Eastern Atlantic Carpentry. We have a wide variety of outdoor furniture to suit all tastes, including:

  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Lawn chairs
  • Storage sheds
  • Whimsical yard art

Outdoor furniture adds a touch of class to your outdoor space. It’s like bringing the indoors out, while still preserving those outdoor elements that make outdoor living so great.

Consider adding a deck or patio to make your outdoor living space a little more interesting, and decorate with comfortable, durable wooden chairs.

We are the place you want to come to if you want to spice up your backyard. Think of our garden furniture as functional and able to store things and provide an area for entertaining.

As a top-rated carpenter in Morehead City, NC, we sturdy outdoor living structures that stand the test of time.

Porch Repair and Rebuilding

When you have a damaged porch and need help to repair it, our team is ready to lend a hand. No job is too trivial, whether you need a few replacement boards or a brand-new porch.

We’ll give your porch a thorough examination and offer real solutions for any issues we find.

Our team has the necessary experience and expertise to tackle carpenter jobs in both residential and commercial properties. We promise to provide you with only the finest quality porch carpentry in the whole of Carteret County and North Carolina.

You can expect a job well done from any of our qualified carpenters in Morehead City, NC.

Morehead City Custom Trim

Trim carpentry is the decorative finishing touch for a wooden structure or piece of furniture. Our Morehead City carpentry services deliver luxury finishes to your space, whether you need new trim around your home’s exterior or new crown molding in your living room.

Call Eastern Atlantic Carpentry for high-quality custom trim, including:

  • Baseboard trim
  • Wainscotting
  • Chair rail trim

Our experienced carpenters have years of experience working with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and natural wood trims. Contact us for a quote, and we will go over your design goals and propose materials and a project timeline for your project.

Learn more about us and give us a call to discuss your carpentry needs.

Settle for nothing less than perfection for your next carpentry project. Call Eastern Atlantic Carpentry at (252) 262-6600 when you need a carpenter in Morehead City, NC.

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How to Enclose a Porch: Reasons and Methods

A well-designed porch enclosure can offer the enjoyment of a year-round outdoor living space without exposing yourself to the elements, bug bites, and other problems associated with an open layout. If you want to know the best ways on how to enclose a porch, our experts at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry have listed some tried and tested methods that you can follow.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are a cheap yet effective way to convert your open porch. As their name suggests, these shades utilize bamboo slats that you can easily open and close to allow air in and out as needed. They also provide some privacy but still allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

Wooden Screens

When you want a simple and timeless design for your front porch enclosure, wooden screens are a perfect choice. You have a wealth of options when choosing wood materials, but cedar is usually preferable because it naturally contains oils that help repel insects.

Many homeowners also install a layer of screens on the interior of their porches to ensure maximum protection from bugs and other pests.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are a popular option in North Carolina where the weather can be unpredictable. In fact, many homeowners who hire our Carteret County porch repair services usually ask for this upgrade as well.

Unlike your average screen door enclosure, they offer a barrier against harsh wind, rain, and snow while providing ample ventilation for warmer days.

Mosquito Curtain Enclosures

If you want unobstructed outdoor views and well-lit spaces, you can learn how to enclose a porch using mosquito curtains or other drape panels.

This type of enclosure takes advantage of your existing roof, and you can still enjoy the natural surroundings without allowing bugs and other creatures to wander in through open windows or door gaps.

Sun Room Upgrades

Spacious porches are excellent candidates for sunroom upgrades. While this route will probably run you a bit more money, it can be well worth the investment.

You may use this space as an additional living area in your home or as a place to escape the harsh weather conditions. On milder days, you can leave the windows and door open to enjoy a comfortable breeze.

Artificial Plant Fences

If you want an enclosure that highlights your love for nature without the upkeep, an artificial plant fence may be the perfect option. This type of enclosure uses faux plants and shrubs that attach to a metal or PVC frame. It’s a great way to add privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Partner with a Team That Can Turn Your Porch Enclosure Vision into a Reality

At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, we work hard to educate every client on the basics of home improvement and maintenance, from the right way of cleaning wood porches to finding the best decking material.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to enclose a porch, our team at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is more than happy to help. We have a wide range of experience in this area and can offer you quality services that will meet your needs and budget. Contact us at (252) 262-6600 today!

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How to Clean a Wood Porch: Best Practices

A porch is a wonderful asset to your home, letting you enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. But when it comes to maintenance, many homeowners don’t know how to clean a wood porch. Decluttering your porch is a good first step, but how do you make the wood shine?

Our team of porch repair experts in Carteret County, NC came up with these ideas.

How to Clean Your Wood Porch and Improve its Lifespan

Set up a Regular Maintenance Schedule

A simple maintenance routine will help you clean your porch and identify any potential issues as early as possible. The schedule could look something like this:

  • Sweep the porch weekly, or as necessary
  • Dust the fixtures, window frames, and any other areas where dust might accumulate
  • Regularly check for cobwebs and remove them
  • Wipe down the walls at the start of each new season

Mop Up

How often you mop the porch depends on how much foot traffic it gets. In many cases, cleaning once a month is sufficient.

Start by adding a general detergent or deck cleaning solution to hot water. Next, scrub this all over the surface using a deck brush. Be sure to get the brush into the grooves where mold and other organisms hide.

Apply oxygen bleach diluted to a third of its strength if you find mildew. Rinse off the mixture of deck cleaner and bleach with warm water.

Don’t Forget the Window Screens

If possible, remove the screens about once every month or two to wash them. If they’re not removable, vacuum them and wipe them down with an appropriate cleaner.

Is Pressure Washing a Good Idea?

Using a pressure washer here may be tempting, but it may not be the best idea for an inexperienced user. If the pressure is too high, the water can damage the wood, leading to expensive repairs. Instead, just use your garden hose to rinse the porch.

Evaluate the Condition of the Wood Sealant

While you clean, look for signs that you need to reseal your porch. For example, if you see the sealant is wearing thin in some areas, lifting, chipping, or flaking off, it’s time to apply more sealant.

Another test is to see what happens with the water you apply. If it beads up, your deck is still in good condition. If it soaks into the surface, it’s time to reapply sealant.

If you already see signs of rot setting in, you may need to rebuild part or all of the porch. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry can help you with this.

Contact Eastern Atlantic Carpentry Today

Now that you know how to clean your wood porch, it’s time to evaluate if your design is the best fit for your family. Contact Eastern Atlantic Carpentry at (252) 262-6600 today for your free quote for porch repair or creating a custom design for a new porch. If you’re unsure where to begin, learn some wood front porch ideas by clicking on the link.

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Deck Maintenance: Best Practices and What to Avoid

A deck offers the ideal spot to unwind, spend time with family, or entertain friends. If you’re looking to get a new deck, check out some of the latest deck designs for 2021. Regardless of the deck material or design you choose, your deck requires regular cleaning and maintenance to retain its appearance and structural integrity.

Ensure your deck stays beautiful and safe for years to come with these dos and don’ts.

Best Practices

Inspect Your Deck

Performing an annual inspection of your deck’s surface and substructure helps you catch problems before they develop into larger, more costly situations. Check for these common issues:

  • Ground contact or joist issues
  • Rot
  • Moisture damage
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Loose fasteners or deck screws
  • Any other structural concerns


An annual cleaning is a must to keep your deck safe and looking its best. Cleaning is especially crucial for wood decking, which needs a yearly exfoliation so the wood can better absorb stain or sealer. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning brush for the type of decking you have and give the deck ample time to dry (perhaps 48 hours) after cleaning before doing any more work.

Since your deck is exposed to the elements all year, don’t forget to keep the surface free of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Clean the surface periodically, and rinse routinely with a garden hose outfitted with a nozzle.

Sanding, Staining, and Sealing

If you plan to reseal your wood decking, make sure to sand the deck about two days after it’s clean and dry. However, avoid using a power sander because it will likely damage the surface. Applying wood deck stain or sealer will help to protect the wood. During the process, be sure to cover nearby plants and vegetation to protect them from potentially harmful chemicals in cleaners and sealers.

Partner With a Professional for Deck Maintenance

As compared to DIY, a professional cleaning contractor will be more familiar with the equipment and products needed to provide better overall cleaning and maintenance results without the risk of damaging your deck’s surface.

What to Avoid

Prevent damage to your deck by avoiding potentially damaging actions:

  • Avoid using a high-powered pressure washer because pressure washing can damage the wood if not held at a proper angle.
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach to clean your deck. It’s too harsh. Chlorine may strip the deck of its natural color and even damage its structural integrity.
  • Don’t use paint as a sealant. Paint looks good momentarily, but since it doesn’t penetrate the wood, it will quickly peel and crack.
  • Avoid cleaning the deck in direct sunlight as it could cause the cleaner to dry too quickly, causing a white residue.
  • Don’t use a harsh chemical cleaner. The wrong cleaner could discolor or permanently damage your deck’s surface.
  • Don’t assume pressure-treated lumber is maintenance-free. It might resist rot and infestation, but you still need to clean and seal the deck to withstand damage from the elements.

Are you looking for experts for your deck project? Contact Eastern Atlantic Carpentry. We provide top-notch deck carpentry in Emerald Isle, NC. You can trust our experienced team for new deck construction, deck maintenance and repairs, and replacement of stairs and railings.

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2021’s Latest Deck Designs to Adapt for Your Home

Your deck looks a little tired, so you decide to update it to one of the latest deck designs. The problem is that you have no idea where to start. How do you choose between all of the deck designs out there?

The answer is simple. Read through this list of 2021’s latest deck designs. Then learn more about wooden decks and get in touch with the Eastern Atlantic Carpentry team.

The Bigger, the Better

Your wood deck is an extension of your living area. Thanks to Covid-19, everyone is aware of the need for space. Every entertainment spot, from your backyard deck to your patio area, is larger in 2021 to give guests more room to spread out.

More Practical Use of Vertical Space

Many of the latest deck designs consist of multiple levels. The raised areas allow you to utilize the dry space below as an additional entertainment area. The multi-level design also allows for a practical division of space.

You could, for example, have an entertainment area for guests and then a little private nook for yoga or meditation.

Speak to the team at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry about a custom deck that meets your lifestyle and budgetary requirements.

Fire Pits or Tables Are In

Fire pits create a cozy area for the family to gather around. You can spend the evening making smores, exchanging scary stories, or just enjoying a bonfire. It also makes for a romantic setting for date nights.

Greening Your Deck

Another deck idea gaining traction in 2021 is incorporating lush vegetation onto the deck. The concept itself isn’t new, but its execution in 2021 is changing. Instead of cluttering the space with potted plants, modern homeowners are using hanging baskets and deck railing accessories.

Vertical gardens are easy to maintain and require less space. What you plant is up to you. Some homeowners like a bit of greenery, while others start organic gardens.

Varied Plank Decking

One of the most interesting of the latest deck designs is varied plank decking. There are two options with this look:

  • Planks that differ in size: Alternating widths and lengths of wood make an attractive design statement.
  • Planks that vary in color: Our designer can add extra interest by alternating planks in different colors.

Staggered, Full-Length Steps

Full-length steps double as extra seating. By staggering them, they also become an exciting feature for your entertainment area. If you like, you may also incorporate storage into some of the steps.

Cocktail Railings

With 2021’s focus on outdoor entertaining, cocktail railings are seeing a resurgence in popularity. This type of rail has a large, flat surface to allow guests to rest their drinks or plates of food on. The additional space provides a less cluttered environment and brings in a range of new design elements.

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is the Crystal Coast’s premier deck-building service. Contact us at (252) 262-6600 to discuss the latest deck designs or learn more about Eastern Atlantic Carpentry’s decking services by contacting us through our website.

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