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When you need to build a solid foundation for your business or home, you need a capable and affordable carpentry company. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is here to meet all of your carpentry needs. As the leading carpenter in Cedar Point, NC, we can help you rebuild your porch or deck, furnish your outdoor spaces, or add trim to your property.

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Our customers often need outdoor furniture capable of handling different purposes and events. We work with clients to design furniture that is both versatile and long-lasting. Contact us for custom, well-crafted outdoor furniture, such as:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Yard decorations

Speak to us if you need furniture with unique storage capabilities or furniture that can fit in odd angles – we offer an unbeatable customer experience and are happy to accommodate special requests. We pride ourselves on our ability to design quality furniture that enhances your outdoor spaces.


Most people aren’t aware of the need for trim carpentry. Trim carpentry addresses the small details needed to complete a project. For example, trim carpentry makes repairs look more polished and finished.

A general carpenter doesn’t always tie their work in a nice bow when they finish, so often, you need to hire someone to complete the final look. At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, the top carpenter in Eastern North Carolina, we provide both services.

Whether you need help trimming a door or a window, our carpenters can provide detailed and defined finishing touches on any project you are completing.

Porches and Decks

If your porch or deck is damaged from weather damage or normal wear and tear, our carpenters in Cedar Point, NC, will work with you to completely rebuild or refurbish it. We can determine if you need to redo the entire structure or if we can salvage parts of it. In many cases, we can draft plans to repair railings and replace stairs.

If you don’t have a porch or deck already, there’s nothing more exciting than starting from scratch to build one. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry will see your project through from start to finish, with results you’re guaranteed to love.

Porch and deck repair can be expensive, so we like to talk with clients to see if we can affordably evaluate what we can do with our building and construction knowledge. We never want the customer to feel like it’s an overwhelming task to build the home or business of your dreams; our goal is always to meet clients and come to an understanding.

Learn more porch enclosure tips or contact us for custom design suggestions!

Instead of getting out the power tools and trying to DIY, turn to a professional carpenter in Cedar Point, NC, for your next carpentry project. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry offers our expert carpentry services and years of experience to our clients. Contact (252) 262-6600 today. We look forward to building with you!