We are established and accomplished. We take pride in what we do.

We value your opinion, as well as offer ideas.

With our rich experience in carpentry and woodwork, we can custom design based on your needs and wishes.


Want it to be special and unique? We provide high-end solutions for all your woodwork projects – mantles, decks, porches, window trim, etc.

On Time

Tommy Saenger leads his team with reliability and motivation to take on your job and provide the completion of projects on time, every time.

Cut The

We are carpenters. Our no–frizz and no frills service with the non-essential costs markup to pay middleman have been removed to keep the price low.


“Carpentry has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. Working with my hands and figuring out how things fit together has always intrigued me. At the age of 12 years old, I asked my mother if I could buy a circular saw and as crazy as it sounds, she accommodated me and from that moment on I was building forts, wagons, tree houses, floating docks, etc… In junior and senior high school, I had the privilege of being taught by a great woodshop teacher. He taught me techniques on how to read plans and basic carpentry, but what he really taught me was quality and the craft of work working. After graduating high school, I attended a small college in North Carolina where I met and married my wife. We quickly started a family and I started working for a local carpenter who was very talented. If he taught me anything, it was he taught me patience, something that was hard for me to conquer. We built houses, including framing, interior work, decks, patios, and basically you name it we did it. With the skills that I learned, I could also improve my home and living conditions by repairing my own home, upgrades to existing structure, and this gave me the opportunity to buy a new home, fix it up, all while living in it.

As the construction business started to decline in the eighties, times became a little tough and I needed to find a fulltime job to bring economic stability to my family. I became a fireman. In 2000, our family relocated to eastern North Carolina. I found that there was a great opportunity to work in construction and do the quality work that I have enjoyed doing throughout my life. I retired from the fire service December 31st 2019 with almost 29 years of service. In construction I mostly work alone because I like the solitude, but also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing my work completed and a happy customer.

I am not one that can stand by and be idle so it’s time to get creative and get back to work since retiring from the fire service. I don’t particularly like to do what I call “junk work” or maintenance. I like to bring my talents to the people who want quality work and need it.

I’m truly a very lucky guy to have a great family, two great careers, and the opportunity to work and do what I love to do.”

Eastern Atlantic Carpentry is owned and operated by Tommy Saenger. With over 20 years of providing the community with carpentry services, he has established an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction. Eastern Atlantic Carpentry believes that regardless of budget, everyone should be able to access true craftsmanship and be able to maintain the character of their homes and projects.