Vacationing to exotic locales may not seem as appealing to you while we’re living in such hectic times. However, if your home is on the coast, then there’s no reason that you can’t bring the vacation to your backyard. A well-built outdoor living space can act as the perfect relaxation area as you take in the beautiful vista right there in your backyard.

Backyard wood decks can serve as your very own getaway from the stresses of everyday life. At Eastern Atlantic Carpentry, we specialize in deck design ideas that cater to your specific needs. Made from only the finest natural wood, we guarantee our decks will come out beautiful and last for years to come.

If you’re having trouble deciding what your dream deck would be, read below, where we’ve outlined four ideas that can help get you started!

1. Coastal Deck With a View

In place of traditional deck railings, why not try a deck screened-in with large glass windows? They offer a similar scenic view for nature lovers and protection from harsh winds, flying sand, and sea spray. Sheltered from the weather, our expert team can add more modern amenities to the space (like television or sound system) and make your backyard wood deck the perfect recreation spot.

2. Roof Deck

The roof deck is an ideal relaxation area for the home with a bit more space to work with on top. Get a bird’s eyes view of the shoreline as you and your guests relax on a raised deck made from top-quality, pressure-treated lumber.  There are also smaller rooftop decks that you can have installed outside of your bedroom, providing a private lounging experience.

3. Multi-Level Deck

There’s nothing quite like sharing a beautiful ocean view with your friends and family. Multi-level deck designs are perfect for providing your home with a more social atmosphere, built with an expansive surface area to accommodate as many guests as possible.

Your multi-level deck can come in many appealing forms, with multiple extravagant staircases from the ground floor to the top or simple platforms at different levels.

4. Platform Decks

One of the simplest ways to make the most of an empty backyard is to have a platform deck installed. They are simpler to put in and carry elegance with even the most basic of designs. However, you can easily decorate a platform deck according to your style despite their more basic layouts.

Extend your platform deck into a curtained gazebo to keep out the sun’s rays, or add a hot tub for an escape from the cool coastal air.


A backyard wood deck can come in many shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate a coastal property. There’s often some difficulty finding a carpenter that can fulfill your design ideas while ensuring that your deck can withstand the humidity and salt water, but Eastern Atlantic Carpentry has your back.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with a stellar coastal carpentry service that ensures their decks stand the test of time.  Contact us at (252) 262-6600 and schedule your estimate today!