Your deck looks a little tired, so you decide to update it to one of the latest deck designs. The problem is that you have no idea where to start. How do you choose between all of the deck designs out there?

The answer is simple. Read through this list of 2021’s latest deck designs. Then learn more about wooden decks and get in touch with the Eastern Atlantic Carpentry team.

The Bigger, the Better

Your wood deck is an extension of your living area. Thanks to Covid-19, everyone is aware of the need for space. Every entertainment spot, from your backyard deck to your patio area, is larger in 2021 to give guests more room to spread out.

More Practical Use of Vertical Space

Many of the latest deck designs consist of multiple levels. The raised areas allow you to utilize the dry space below as an additional entertainment area. The multi-level design also allows for a practical division of space.

You could, for example, have an entertainment area for guests and then a little private nook for yoga or meditation.

Speak to the team at Eastern Atlantic Carpentry about a custom deck that meets your lifestyle and budgetary requirements.

Fire Pits or Tables Are In

Fire pits create a cozy area for the family to gather around. You can spend the evening making smores, exchanging scary stories, or just enjoying a bonfire. It also makes for a romantic setting for date nights.

Greening Your Deck

Another deck idea gaining traction in 2021 is incorporating lush vegetation onto the deck. The concept itself isn’t new, but its execution in 2021 is changing. Instead of cluttering the space with potted plants, modern homeowners are using hanging baskets and deck railing accessories.

Vertical gardens are easy to maintain and require less space. What you plant is up to you. Some homeowners like a bit of greenery, while others start organic gardens.

Varied Plank Decking

One of the most interesting of the latest deck designs is varied plank decking. There are two options with this look:

  • Planks that differ in size: Alternating widths and lengths of wood make an attractive design statement.
  • Planks that vary in color: Our designer can add extra interest by alternating planks in different colors.

Staggered, Full-Length Steps

Full-length steps double as extra seating. By staggering them, they also become an exciting feature for your entertainment area. If you like, you may also incorporate storage into some of the steps.

Cocktail Railings

With 2021’s focus on outdoor entertaining, cocktail railings are seeing a resurgence in popularity. This type of rail has a large, flat surface to allow guests to rest their drinks or plates of food on. The additional space provides a less cluttered environment and brings in a range of new design elements.

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